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Data Wiper

Data wiper software wipes entire hard disk drive (saved or unsaved data), erase temporary internet files, cookies, history folders, recently opened documents, Chat and Instant Messaging conversations to maintain the computer privacy. Advanced data wiping tool wipes temporary files such as log file, memory dump file and old data files.

Price: $45
Data Wiper Screenshots
Wipe Now
Select your partition disk to erase files or format entire drive.
Select Disks Erasing Algorithm
Select Disks Erasing Algorithm among Zero fill, Pseudo Random and others as shown in above screen and click on 'Apply' button.
Wipe registry records of system
Now, Go to System Registry records and click on 'Wipe Now' button to wipe registry records of system.

Software Features:

  • Non-Destructive Wiping utility wipes offline/online internet activities including cookies, typed URL, history, cache internet files, passwords and also wipes clipboard content, system registry trace etc.
  • Destructive wiping erases entire logical hard drive partition or selected disk area sector range regardless of data saved in particular sector range.
  • Eraser tool wipes traces of deleted application files such as MS word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Paint, Word pad etc for better system performance.
  • Software enables you to quickly erase files and folders from hard disk and all other storage media like USB drive, memory stick, memory card etc.
  • Hard disk wiper tool permanently deletes unused clusters, which are not linked to any file system on your hard disk drive and freeing the disk space for better system performance.
  • Wipes data permanently from computer hard disk and various removable media drives.
  • Helps to maintain system privacy by protecting confidential data from others.

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